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Action (voc by Alain Maratrat) (1984 Unreleased Demo)

Rockets — Under The Sun (voc. by Gerard Little L’Her) (1984 Unreleased)

Rockets — Long Time Coming (voc Fabrice Quagliotti) (1985 Unreleased Demo)

Rockets — Private Network (1984 Unreleased Demo)











          Rockets Live in Firenze

 Track No01    Track No02   Track No03   Track No04 


Track No05   Track No06    Track No07   Track No08


Track No09   Track No10    Track No11    Track No12 


          Track No13  Track No14  Track No15








08-Galactica Don’t stop                  Rockets 1984 live in Torino Galactica (Sal Solo)


Ggalactica Joe T Vanelli dubby remix              Galactica Mauro mbs climaxx rated vocal mix


Galactica Mauro mbs climaxx rated dub mix                 Galactica live Cremona 1980


Galactica La femme de metal bonus track           Galactica Joe T Vanelli vocal remix radio edit


Galactica Joe T Vanelli electro remix            Galactica Galaxy


Galactica Another Future                  Galactica Stefano Matsmattara remix











                    Rockets 1980

                    live Cremona

 Track 01  Track 02  Track 03  Track 04

         Track 05 Track 06   Track 07  Track 08 

         Track 09  Track 10   Track 11    Track 12 

                             Track 13   Track 14

















   Wonderful album   group UNREVERSE

                   Atomic race  

  with additional musicians

Gianni Trotta, Max Fasoli

and special guest

Fabrice Quagliotti

Lirics by: Erica Giopp and Klaus Very

Music by: Joseph Ungaro Klaus Veri

and Fabrice Quagliotti



Radiate 2011

Going out

The last song

So I’ve

You’re fault

Across the life


First in heaven

Strangle smiles

I left your love

Back 2 the love

Composition by KLAUS  VERI

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